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Kaizer Football Academy is the alternative, hope and also a great chance for the young people who are willing to live truly the joy of football!
The training programs follow a researched (continuously) and proven approach to player development.

The following information presents our philosophy, player development rational and the methods that are used to deliver our Curriculum:


Modern (and Kaizer Academy as well) philosophy in football…” is to develop the person, develop the player”!

Create a fun and Challenging environment where players have the opportunity to learn.

Player development rational

The Kaizer Football Academy operates a Pyramid approach to Player Development.

At an early age, basics and mastery of the ball is vital for a child’s future development. As confidences and quality increases, tactical elements are introduced.

The following diagram present you the Kaizer Football Academy “Pyramid of Development”:

Scanning” (player profile) is realizing the level of “quality” of the player (including health condition).
Rouls” of the game : is the knowledge and understanding of the GAME.
Expert Coach” : using the best methods and tools for improvement of the player to increase player’s confidence every day.
Rehearse and repeat” : to create good habits and automatics.
Develop all dimensions” : This is about the technique speed, strength and stamina and communication

Analyze and feedback” : see how you can improve the self confidence By:
Quality of training.
Rehearse at home, individually.
Play all positions.
Challenging in progression.
“Individual Tactics” WHEN & WHERE
“Group tactics”
“AGENT PLAYER” : is the main goal for a READY player.

By training the kids, we need to be very careful how we are training the “good side” and how we implement the most useful habits, because later it will be much harder or even impossible to do that.

According to Henri Ford:
"Coming together is the beginning,Staying together is progress and Working together is mean SUCCESS!"
Nothing is impossible, everything is a challenge!
The more you practice , the better you become!

Uddannelser/kurser indenfor fodbold

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